Phone Unlocking

Mobile phone unlock service at Phonehospital
Unlocking your phone with us is fast and simple. Our unique phone unlocking service, using latest technologies, enables us to unlock your mobile phone regardless of the make and model of your phone or the network carrier you use.
Are you unable to use your mobile phone on another network just because it does not accept any other sim card? Do you think that you are missing out on other more unlimited data and voice plans or tariffs simply because your handset is locked to a more expensive network? If that is the case, there’s is no problem at all! Just contact us and we will easily set these matters right.
So what are you waiting for? Request a free, no obligation, price quote today and get your existing phone unlocked to be used with any telecommunication network of your choice!
At Phonehospital, we can solve all your problems by offering you an easy, safe, and complete solution. We can provide you with the information you need to legally unlock your handset. We have worked hard to perfect our processes to ensure that you get the most trouble free and time-efficient experience possible. Our highly experienced engineers are available to answer all your enquiries and address any issues that you might have. What’s more - we offer all these services at affordable prices. In the unlikely event that we cannot unlock your handset, we can usually get your phone unlock code directly from the network or even the phone manufacturer itself.
We offer tailor made solutions to your mobile wholesale, distribution, and retail user needs. We also offer full reprogramming of phones to allow open marketplace trade with end of line products for export businesses, including removal of locks, network branding (removal of network software and operator’s logo), and language changes from 1 to 100,000 units. Service is our priority.
We can provide the following services:
We should mention that although we can unlock most handsets, some handsets are not compatible with Hutchison 3G networks, also known as “Three”, as your phone might only be compatible with 2G networks. The “G” means generation therefore when you hear 2G and 3G in network terms you now know what it means. 3G networks are also known as UMTS. The same goes for 4G handsets as if your handset does not offer 4G support.
Check us out for the most affordable and effective phone unlocking services. We can give you an instant free quote right away!
We can unlock all major makes and models of mobile phones including iPhone, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Sendo, LG, Siemens, Microsoft, Toshiba and others. So whether you want to use your phone on a different network, or you want to use it abroad, we can unlock your phone without invalidating the warranty in most cases.
Which phones can be unlocked?
We can unlock 99% of phones that are available in the global marketplace including recent releases and pre-2010 models. All handsets can be unlocked regardless of network operator including EE, Orange, Vodafone, O2, T-mobile, Virgin, Tesco, Lebara, Lycatel, Asda locked phones. Even handsets locked to foreign networks can be serviced by us including iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone  4/4S, iPhone 5/5C/5S,  iPhone  6/6+ Plus and iPhone 6S/6S+ Plus. which are locked to any UK or worldwide networks including AT&T, Movistar, TIM and O2 Ireland .
Is your phone locked?
A sim lock is a lock on a phone that only allows one network's sim card to be used in the phone. The reasoning behind this is that those customers are then forced to use that particular network, enabling it to make more money. Sim locks are also referred to as SP Locks or Network locks.
How can you tell if your phone is locked?
If you insert a simcard other than the one that the phone accepts, then you will get a message such as 'Incorrect Card', 'Sim Card not accepted', 'Enter Special Code', 'Phone Restricted', 'Restriction Code', 'Enter NCK' , 'Disabled' or similar.
Get a quote for your phone to be unlocked
Request a free quotation online and we will reply with all the relevant details. There are discounts for quantity and our rates are very competitive. We operate a very fast return service and will return your phone properly packaged. We pledge to keep your phone in the condition in which we received it while we are handling it! Please Note - We do not entertain enquiries regarding stolen phones as proof of purchase may be required ie airtime agreement or invoice clearly showing your IMEI number!