Bobs IPhone Failed

Problem: Bob McCormack had an iPhone 6 which failed to boot up or power on fully. It had been to us previously a few months beforehand for an iPhone screen repair and was being used without issues. The data was essential for Bob as he had important contact numbers and dates for his client appointments as he is a working solicitor. The handset would neither charge but it was displaying 2% battery remaining on the indicator. The touchpad seems to be working but wouldn't`t accept the correct passcode yet on the emergency calls screen it was detecting the touchpad inputs correctly. An estimated repair cost was agreed and our estimation of completion was 3-4 hrs as an approximate timescale due to the severity of the fault..
Solution: The handset was checked over for any liquid or physical damage to the interior including any burn outs on any discreet components. The full charging circuit and charging dock connector was tested then deemed as working. We then tested the board to full spec and diagnosed the fault. The handset was assembled and tested fully. All data was recovered and Bob was appreciative of the result. The iPhone 6 was delivered in a fully working state after we charged up the battery for use for the remainder of the day.